Janis Intoy


Meliora Hall 258

University of Rochester

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2015 – 2021 (expected)

Ph.D. Computational Neuroscience

Graduate Program for Neuroscience

Boston University – Boston, MA

2018 – present

Visiting Graduate Student

Brain and Cognitive Sciences

Center for Visual Science

University of Rochester -- Rochester, NY

2008 – 2012

B.S. Computer Science

California Institute of Technology -- Pasadena, CA


Jan 2016 – present

Graduate Research Assistant

Active Perception Laboratory

University of Rochester -- Rochester, NY

Fall 2016

Teaching Fellow

undergraduate Sensation & Perception course

Boston University -- Boston, MA

June 2012 – May 2015

Engineering Scientist

The Intellisis Corporation (now KnuEdge inc.)

San Diego, CA

2010 – 2011

Undergraduate Research Fellow

Shimojo Lab

Caltech -- Pasadena, CA



& Honors

NIH Kirchstein Predoctoral Individual NRSA Fellowship, Project - Function of Fixational Eye Movements for Fine Depth Perception. 2018-2021

Elsevier/Vision Research Travel Award, Vision Science Society student travel award to attend 2017 meeting.

Kanel Foundation Scholar, Caltech.

Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship, Caltech.


& Outreach

Committee Member & Volunteer, Brain Awareness Week Campaign, University of Rochester (2018 - present).

Moderator, Boson Area Neuroscience Talk List. (2016 - 2019)

Secretary & Treasurer, Neuroscience Graduate Student Organization, Boston University. (2016-2017)

Exhibitor at Cambridge Science Festival (Apr 2017), AAAS Family Science Days (Feb 2017), Lincoln School Science Fair (Mar 2016), Boston MA.


Publications & Abstracts


J Intoy*, N Mostofi*, M Rucci (2021). Foveal vision at the time of microsaccades. BioRxiv2021.01.26.427903.

M Poletti, Intoy, M Rucci (2020). Accuracy and precision of small saccades. Scientific Reports, 10(16097).


N Mostofi*, Z Zhao*, Intoy, M Boi, JD Victor, M Rucci (2020). Spatiotemporal content of saccade transients. Current Biology, 10(20). *co-first authors

J Intoy, M Rucci (2020). Finely tuned eye movements enhance visual acuity. Nature Communications, 11(795).

C Saegusa, Intoy, S Shimojo (2015). Visual attractiveness is leaky: the asymmetrical relationship between face and hair. Frontiers in Psychology, 6(377).

Select Abstracts

J Intoy, MA Cox, EA Alicic, JD Victor, MS Banks, M Rucci (2021). Fixational eye movements contribute to stereopsis. TalkVision Sciences Society Annual Meeting.

J Intoy, JD Victor, M Rucci (2020). Active task-dependent control of ocular drift during natural fixation. Poster. Vision Sciences Society Annual Meeting.

J Intoy, M Rucci (2019). Eye movements enhance visual acuity. Poster. Society for Neuroscience.

J Intoy, NR Bowers, JD Victor, M Poletti, M Rucci (2018). The impact of retinal image motion on extra-foveal sensitivity. Talk. Vision Sciences Society Annual Meeting.

J Intoy, M Rucci (2017). The role of microsaccades in the Snellen acuity test. Talk. Vision Sciences Society Annual Meeting.

M Rucci, Intoy, M Poletti (2017). Microsaccades and high-acuity vision. OSA Fall Vision Meeting.

C Saegusa, Intoy, S Shimojo (2011). Visual attractiveness is leaky (5): perceptual organization matters. Vision Sciences Society Annual Meeting.

Patents & Technical Reports

J Intoy, E Lam (2017). Room occupancy sensing using a thermal tripwire. Technical Report 2017-03, Boston University, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. (project in EC520 - Digital Image Processing)

The Intellisis Corporation, now KnuEdge Inc. 2018. Estimating Fractional Chirp Rate with Multiple Frequency Representations. U.S. Patent 9922668 filed December 15, 2015, and issued March 20, 2018.

The Intellisis Corporation, now KnuEdge Inc. 2018. Determining Features of Harmonic Signals. U.S. Patent 9870785, filed December 15, 2015, and issued January 16, 2018.