Janis Intoy

Ph.D. Graduand

Computational Neuroscience

Boston University

Graduate Research Assistant

Active Perception Lab

University of Rochester

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Hello! I am a Ph.D. graduand in the Graduate Program for Neuroscience with a computational specialization at Boston University (defended June 28, 2021) studying in the Active Perception Lab at the University of Rochester. I use a combination of psychophysical and theoretical approaches to study the consequences of small eye movements on high-acuity perception and neural processing in the early visual system.

Recent Highlights

  • Defended my dissertation on The role of eye movements in high-acuity monocular and binocular vision (June 28, 2021).

  • Accuracy and precision of small saccades published in Scientific Reports (Sept 2020).

  • Spatiotemporal Content of Saccade Transients published in Current Biology (Sept 2020).

  • Finely tuned eye movements enhance visual acuity published in Nature Communications (Feb 2020).

  • Awarded 2nd place poster award at University of Rochester Center for Vision Science winter retreat (2020).

  • Presented research on eye movement contributions to high acuity vision at Vision Science Society (2017-2020), Eye Tracking Research & Applications (2019), and Society for Neuroscience meetings (2019).

  • Awarded 3-year predoctoral NRSA fellowship by National Eye Institute (2018-2021).

  • Moved to the University of Rochester with the Active Perception Lab! (2018)

  • Passed qualifying exam in the Graduate Program for Neuroscience! (Nov 2017)

  • Awarded student travel award to attend Vision Science Society meeting (May 2017).